Friday, 21 June 2013

Porch Update with Rustoleum Restore.

The Front Porch, the first place seen on my home is a sitting place for morning coffees, a evening reading spot and a all around curb appeal provider.  My porch has gone through many changes in the years we have lived here and it never seemed to be just right.  When we moved in the floor was covered in a old dirty faded grey carpet, yes carpet.  It was impossible to clean, stunk, had water spots, wax from a melted candle and spilled drink stains all over it.  It had to go.  So 3 years ago we ripped it up and we were pleased to find perfectly kept plywood under it.  No rotting, no splitting and no holes!  Hurray!  Only, now what?  

My mind did laps around our tiny front porch trying to figure out what would make the area feel cozy, look attractive and be durable and functional for a family with 3 boys and a dog.

I purchased some porch and floor paint that I had colour matched to a set of curtains I hung between the beams.  It went on smooth and easy but once it dried it was too yellow for me.  My front porch is black and white and this new floor colour just didn't seem to go.  It was supposed to be more of a grey beige colour.  

This picture is the porch at the beginning of spring this year.  The paint did not hold up well to foot traffic and snow shovelling.  It chipped off in a lot of places and now the floor looked like old chippy plywood that has not been taken care of.  Yuck!

I played with the thought of painting 1x6 planks and paint them white and greige to make an alternating stripe pattern. But we were still worried the paint would not hold us to the abuse we put on it daily.  

Then when we were getting our living room paint mixed we stumbled across a product for floors and decks.  Rustoleum Restore!!   I stared in awe at the sample boards and fell in love with the texture and colours to choose from.  Then faster than I could blink it was in the cart.  You need to buy a special roller to apply the paint so it gives the right texture and you have the option of applying a final coat with a brush if you don't want a lot of the stucco like bumps.  I compare it to a stucco look but not as hard feeling.  It actually feels great to walk on, not sharp at all.  

I started applying the first coat and loved how thick it was and how well it covered.  It filled in all the hairline wood grain in the plywood, you can't even tell it is plywood under it.

It dried very fast and was ready for a second coat within an hour.  My only downfall was that I didn't stir the can of paint during and all the sand like texture sunk to the bottom during the second coat application ( i don't read instructions well ).  I did need a bit more than it measured for but only by one can.  

So far it is holding up great! It looks like we installed brand new flooring.  All the grain from the plywood is unseen.  It is slip resistant and washes up with the hose.  I can't wait to see how it holds up to the boys and dog as well as our Northern Canada winter.  If that goes well we may refinish our exterior sunroom boards in it when we replace those in the fall.  Fingers crossed as that will be an answer to another question for that project.

It looks amazing!!  I love sitting out here even more now!  Thanks Rustoleum!

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  1. How did the rustoleum restore weather over the winter?